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GB Bulletin
Posted on 18 May, 2016 by gbtrans
GB Bulliten May 2016 Senqcia Stock Arrives.pdf

KANA Back In Australia with Ag-Guard Roller Chain.
Posted on 01 Jul, 2015 by gbtrans

GB Power Transmission is excited to announce the arrival of the Kana Ag-Guard roller chain into our stocked range of products in August 2015. The Kana brand of Power transmission products have a long and respected history in the Australian market place and will now be brought back exclusively by GB Power Transmission. Kana are recognized as a quality manufacturer that delivers consistency across the many products it manufactures and that new extended to the new brand of roller chain.

GB has worked closely with Kana for some time developing a Roller chain specifically for the Australian agricultural industry. The Ag-Guard roller chain is manufactured to Kana’s premium quality standards and coated with specially formulated custom nickel plating for optimum protection against the elements in agricultural applications. The chain is designed for rugged outdoor applications offering maximum resistance against the exposed elements in the Australia market. Protection while at work and also in downtime when it is often needed the most.

The new series Kana Ag-Guard product is due on GB’s shelf towards the end of August 2015 ahead of the harvest. The initial stock shipments will include American Standard transmission drive roller chain from ½” inch AG-40 to 1” inch pitch AG-S80 and in American Standard Heavy Duty Roller chain in AG-50H, AG-60H and AG-80H series. Popular British Standard chain in Simplex and Duplex from the 08B to 16B chains will also be available. The American standard double pitch conveyor chain series will also be in the first shipment. This stock will include standard K-1 and K2 attachments for the popular conveyor chains in picking and sorting machinery.

The new catalog is available now on the GB website The new catalogue which lists the dimensions and specifications of all the stocked range and will be available for GB resellers and distributors as point a point of sale selling tool. For maximum resistance to the elements in Agricultural applications contact GB Power Transmission for more information and pricing on the Kana Ag-Guard Chain.

GB Power Transmission Appointed Australian Distributor for FB Chain Wear Gauge
Posted on 30 Mar, 2012 by gbtrans
GB Power Transmission is extremely pleased to announce its appointment as the Australia stocking distributor of the FB Chain Wear Gauge with stock now available.

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge is a user-friendly tool for measuring chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chain, forklift chain and roller chain. The FB chain gauge is widely used in the Thorough Examination of lifting equipment according to the LOLER and PUWER regulations. The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge allows service technicians to spot potential chain failure long before the next service.

In contrast to 'worn or not worn' chain wear gauges, the FB chain gauge is a highly accurate device that shows you exactly 'how worn' a chain is by showing the chain elongation in increments of 1/4 (0.25) percent. The scale ranges from 0 to 4% worn with a red warning box appearing at 2%.
The patented design, incorporating a precise indication of percentage elongation, on an easy to read scale, covers all leaf and roller chains up to 3" pitch.

Precision manufactured and accurately tolerance elongation is measured to within one quarter of one percent. Calibration, referenced back to National Calibration Standards can be verified on the gauge itself utilizing the calibration window
The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge makes it quick and easy to decide whether a chain could become dangerously worn before the next service and prevents equipment from being operated hazardously. Issuing the FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge to all your engineers also establishes a level of consistency across the whole service team.

Stephen Grattan, Managing Director of GB Power Transmissions has 23 years experience supplying Leaf & Roller chain to the Forklift Industry in Australia. He comments: "Checking a lift truck's chain for wear is essential because excessively worn chains can be lethal. In my experience dealing with forklift repairers there is no standard checks applied on mast chains which is one of the most important lifting components. I have had experience with other gauges that have been difficult to use or unreliable at providing accurate readings and when I was introduced to the FB Chain Gauge I knew instantly this was a tool that was badly needed in our market. There is no better precision tool for monitoring chain wear than the FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge, which is why, to celebrate the launch of this fantastic product in Australia, we are delighted to be able to give our customers the chance to win a limited edition 'GOLD' gauges which were part of our initial stock that arrived at the end of March 2012."

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the arrival of the FB Chain Gauge the manufacturer produced a very limited number GOLD edition gauges at the end of 2011. As part of our first stock shipment which arrived in March 2012, GB Power has 2 of these GOLD Edition Gauges to Give Away as part of our product Launch. To Win one of these "GOLD" FB Chain Wear Gauge simply send an email to and we draw two luck winners on the 1st of June 2012.

Email Entries to:
Entries Close: 30th of May 2012

The FB Chain Gauge can be used across many industries and applications where the measurement of chain serviceability is critical to the reduction of downtime and the expense of potential breakdowns due to chain failure. In mobile plant equipment that works in remote areas such as Drilling and Construction machinery the identification of worn chains before they are arrive on site is vital for the profitability of the machine and the safety of its operators. The FB Chain gauge can be used on chain from 3/8" inch (9.525mm) to 3" inch (76.2mm) pitch covering almost 90% of Transmission drive chains in operation. The unique, user friendly, professional chain wear gauge is supplied with a protective sleeve and full operating instructions and normally sells for $49.50 plus GST. Fleet and quantity discounts also apply so contact GB Powers's sales staff for more information or email

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