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New Dongbo Leaf Chain Catalogue now Available
Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 by gbtrans
The new Dongbo Leaf Chain Catalogue is now available on line at
GB has invested heavily in stock of the full range of Dongbo leaf chain delivering premium quality chain for just about all forklifts and drill rigs operating throughout Australia. We stock the heavy duty BL Series from ½ inch (12,7mm) pitch right up to the 2 inch (50.8mm) pitch chains. Most standard lacing patterns found on trucks used in Australia is available in stock for fast shipment.

The stocked range also extended to the European LL Series chains which are increasing in demand especially in the larger series trucks. The LL series chain are made up or European roller chain plates and pins in a range of standard lacing patterns all the way up to the 48B-1 chain at 3” inch pitch (76.20). The attached catalogue helps users to correctly identify leaf chain requirements which can be cut to length at GB Power Transmission. All Dongbo leaf chains supplied by GB carry a batch serial number clearly marked on the side plate so material and heat treatment specification can be traced back to the original production records. All batches of leaf chain manufactured by Dongbo are tested for material quality, hardness after heat treatment and correct assembly. All batches are tested to tensile strengths and breaking load ensuring they exceed industry standards that govern the manufacture of these chains. This quality assurance along with the extra heat treatment process on the pins ensures all Dongbo Leaf Chain will give the users a premium quality and maximum service life.

The new catalogue is available on line at . It lists the dimensions and specifications of the complete range of standard leaf chains. Contact GB directly for availability of chains from this brochure.

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