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GB Visits the Dongbo Leaf Chain Factory
Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 by gbtrans
On a trip to suppliers in October Stephen Grattan the owner of GB Power Transmission visited the Dongbo Chain Company’s leaf chain factory to learn how they are achieving their premium quality status. After visiting many chain manufacturing plants over the last 15 years we were keen to compare procedures and QA systems in place to confirm Dongbo’s premium quality status. Seen below with Senior Korean Export Sales, Production and Engineering staff, GB was given the complete tour of the plant.

The key to delivering premium quality is consistency in all processes of manufacturing from raw material supply to final testing and packaging before dispatch from the factory. At Dongbo all aspects are attended to at a level that equals and in some instances exceeds the current premium brands.
Quality raw material is the first step towards exceeding customer expectations. While many other manufacturers use the C40 grade steel for side plates Dongbo only uses C45 which responds better to heat treatment.

Getting towards the top end of leaf chains over the 1-1/2 (38.1mm) pitch Dongbo also use a 2 stage heat treatment process which make for a harder, longer wearing pin. The pin is first thru hardened then each pin is hardened again using a special process creating a thick wall on the pin for maximum fatigue strength.
Heat treatment of the side plates is also closely monitored using modern heat treatment conveyors producing the consistency required for the top end of quality.

Following the heat treatment process side plate material is constantly tested for Rockwell hardness to ensure Dongbo meets their targets of exceeding the American and European standards set for the chains being manufactured.

Material testing happens as part of the manufacturing process to monitor all components as they travel through the assembly line. Now the pin and side plate material have exceeded industry standards, it’s is off to assembly by highly trained and experienced staff.
Following assembly and final riveting all Dongbo leaf chain passes through a scanner to detect any fault in the manufacturing process.

This process also checks for cracks or missing side plates and any press fit plates that are not parallel. The chain is also pre-loaded during this process and pitch tolerance checked against ASA and DIN standards.
The lubrication process is next and at Dongbo it is another modern automated process which dips the chain in heated lubricant in 30 minute cycles. This ensures maximum penetration of the lubricant into the side plates protecting the pin from rust and pitting.

Stephen Grattan can be seen in the above photo inspecting a 50ft roll of the BL1066 as it nears the final stage of the packaging process. The final QA sheet which has followed the product around the manufacturing line is checked again during final pack. This process is recorded and given a batch serial number which relates to the chain build process.

All Dongbo leaf chains supplied by GB carry this batch serial number clearly marked on the side plate so material and heat treatment specification can be traced back to the original production records. All batches of leaf chain manufactured by Dongbo are tested for material quality, hardness after heat treatment and correct assembly. All batches are tested to tensile strengths and breaking load ensuring they exceed industry standards that govern the manufacture of these chains. This quality assurance along with the extra heat treatment process on the pins ensures all Dongbo Leaf Chain will give the users a premium quality and maximum service life.

The new catalogue is available on line at . It lists the dimensions and specifications of the complete range of standard leaf chains. Contact GB directly for availability of chains from this brochure.

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