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GB Now Stocks CAPT Shaft Locking Hubs
Posted on 04 Mar, 2015 by gbtrans

GB Power Transmission is pleased to announce that a complete range of shaft locking hubs is now available from stock. We now have stock of the B Series Single and D Series Double taper shaft locking hubs that are interchangeable with leading brands including Tollok, Fenlock, Sati, KTR, Ringbloc and Tsubaki. As always GB Power is bringing you leading brands at incredibly competitive prices and will back that up with technical knowledge and great service.

CAPT Lock B Series—Equivalent to Tollok TLK200, Tsubaki AS Fenlock FLK200, RingBlocK R1120, Sati KLGG, Ringfeder RFN7012

CAPT Lock D Series — Equivalent to Tollok TLK400, Tsubaki AD, Sati KLEE, Ringfeder RFN7015.0

Many machinery manufacturers are changing designs to connect equipment using the shaft lock device. Easy to install, the locks slide into place and then the screws are tightened up to clamp onto the shaft and upwards into the bore of mounted equipment. They are popularly used on all types of equipment driven by shafts including Sprockets, Rollers, Couplings, Pulleys and Gears. Shaft capacities in the standard range are from 15 to 300mm. Eliminates backlash damage to keyways from heavy loads and are not affected by changes in direction.

A new price list is available in soft or hard copy with all the dimensions details, comparison charts and torque ratings for the complete range of Locks available. Save your customer time and money with quick and efficient shaft connection without keyways. Quality manufacture, simple assembly and disassembly and competitive pricing will help make the CAPT Locks your preferred choice. More information on the complete range of CAPT Locks available from GB Power Transmission can be found here

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