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Hitachi CR Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain
Posted on 14 Oct, 2009 by gbtrans

GB Power Transmission is pleased to announce that stock of Hitachi Environments Series CR Corrosion Resistant Chain has continued to expand into 2008. Hitachi have combined there solid bushing premium roller chain with a pre-assembly component treatment process to obtain optimum performance and service life in highly corrosive applications.

Hitachi's CR chain provides excellent resistance to corrosive damage in wet, humid, saltwater and mild detergent wash down applications. The coasting does not chip or peel and laboratory tests suggest it can offer up to 30 times more corrosion protection compared with standard electro less nickel plating.

Link Plates have a Dacrotized costing applied at 300 degrees which forms a film by uniting zinc and chrome compounds. Pin Bushing and roller are CZ coated at 150 degrees also known as cromating by zinc alloy. All components are coated prior to assembly and offer chain anti corrosion, heat resistance and self lubricating properties far in advance than existing products available on the market.

Hitachi CR Chain are an ideal replacement for stainless steel chain offering a cost effective solution that is 8 to 9 times stronger in maximum allowable load capacity. They are not classified food grade and can not replace stainless chain in applications where chain comes in contact with food. Consult GB Power and our Distributors for further advice and specific application you may have that would benefit from the Hitachi CR series chains.

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