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Solid Bushings, Rollers and New Connecting Link Increases Fatigue Strength by 20%

Special Double Surface Treatment on Pin & Bushing for Corrosion and Wear Resistance (Neo SBR)

Just when you though it couldn't get any better...IT DOES!

Solid bushings and rollers realized the ideal of ensuring total contact among pins, bushings and rollers.

Connecting link now features an improved precision process, straight sidebar which increases fatigue strength by 20% and allows for easy location of connecting link during maintenance.

HITACHI Neo SBR® roller chain features a special double surface corrosion resistant treatment which has been applied to the pin and bushing and improves wear resistance.

HITACHI SBR® is stocked in chain sizes 35 - 240 and 06B-32B.

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SBR® Ensures Total Contact
Solid Bushing & Roller The SBR® series type has realized the ideal of ensuring total contact between pins and bushings.


Fatigue Strength Increased 20%
Connecting Link Precision straight sidebar sideplate on connecting link increases fatigue strength 20%!


Improved Stress Distribution   Increased Life
Wide-waist plate design provides
improved stress distribution and fatigue
  Shot Peened
Cold-forged solid Roller and side plate
are thru-hardened and shot-peened for
increased life.