Brief Introduction

I would like to introduce you to GB Power Transmission Pty Ltd, which is a relatively new company that was formed in September 2004. GB will import and distribute a high quality, competitive range of Power Transmission products and also look to supply specific industry requirements in an experienced, professional and highly competitive manor.

As Manager and owner, I have 20 years experience in the Power Transmission Industry including 6 years of which were at a national management level where the development of quality principal suppliers was one of my major responsibilities. Over that time I developed the skills required to offer customers competitive pricing balanced to specific quality requirements and deliver that quality consistently. GB is directly involved in the development of a new brand of Power Transmission components working closely with a group of reputable manufacturers committed to quality and sourced out of various suppliers in China. This product will carry the GB brand name as confirmation of their quality and suitability to applications in the Australian market.

In 2005 GB Power negotiated the importation rights with Hitachi Metals Techno in Japan for the exclusive distribution of their world renowned Neo-SBR roller chain in Australia. GB can now offer the ultimate in premium quality roller chains for critical applications to existing and new customers. Unlike many other leading premium brands Hitachi incorporated the solid bush design into their standard range of roller chains giving the maximum service life and resistance to elongation. Gb’s philosophy with the markets leading roller chain brand did not change and we are bringing the Hitachi product to market at extremely competitive rates when compared to other leading brands with reduced features.

GB Power Transmission will look to wholesale product through Australia's many retail outlets for industrial products with a goal of providing a level of customer service often lost in today's industry. The stock range of product includes Roller Chain, Sprockets, Couplings, Pulleys and Belts in their many forms and standards but will expand according to customer's demands and requirements. GB can offer your company competitive pricing and guarantee the consistency of quality you will receive by continued visits to the suppliers to inspect shipments before they leave the factory. We look forward to discussing your requirements for these products and would appreciate the opportunity of quoting your requirements when the opportunity to do so arises. So, for any chain, sprockets, couplings and pulley requirements you may have, please do not hesitate to contact GB for further information or a detailed quotation.

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